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October 31, 2023

Photo by Mike Allen

Roanoke dedicates Henrietta Lacks statue

By Mike Allen for Cardinal News

Henrietta Lacks, one of Roanoke’s most famous natives, only lived in the Star City for three years.

Her legacy, though not a product of deliberate intention, is incalculably immense in scope. Cells harvested from her body before her death from cervical cancer in 1951 have been essential to major medical breakthroughs for more than 70 years — and the use of those cells without her family’s knowledge brought scrutiny to issues of bioethics and the historical treatment of Black Americans by the medical system.

Read the full article at Cardinal News.

Photo by Luke Christopher for Rappahannock News

Social media-fueled allegations swirl over county relationship with Flint Hill fire company

By Julia Shanahan for Rappahannock News

After private text messages between county officials were made public on Facebook, allegations began swirling about the county’s relationship with the Flint Hill Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company and its efforts to appoint new leadership.

Read the full article at Rappahannock News.

Photo by Clara Vaughn for Eastern Shore Post

Effort continues on Eastern Shore as part of the world’s largest seagrass rebuild project

By Clara Vaughn for Eastern Shore Post

Scientists spent last week planting millions of seeds to replenish underwater grasses absent from the Eastern Shore’s seaside shallows for decades.

The effort is part of the world’s largest seagrass restoration project, which is expanding north after success bringing back thousands of acres of eelgrass in the Shore’s southern coastal bays.

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Courtesy University of Virginia

‘An ambitious vision’: UVa launches new institute to address student achievement gaps

By Faith Redd for The Daily Progress

Nearly half of all students in the U.S. are performing behind their grade level in at least one subject. A new institute at the University of Virginia is planning on tackling those daunting figures and finding ways to improve K-12 education and help educators address the obstacles that face disadvantaged students.

Read the full article at The Daily Progress.

Photo by Michelle Smith for Northern Neck News

Story of Kilmarnock’s own Top Gun premieres on the big screen

By Michelle Smith for Northern Neck News

With a massive U.S. flag flying over the Compass Entertainment Complex, Kilmarnock Museum maintained its reputation for adding grandeur to hometown events at last Wednesday’s premiere of a film honoring Rear Admiral Henri Bertram Chase III.

From Gloucester High’s NJROTC opening doors and escorting guests to the souvenir tickets, it was obvious the Museum was proud to tell the story of the man they have crowned “Kilmarnock’s Own Top Gun.”

The story of Bert Chase.

Read the full article at Northern Neck News.

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