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May 14, 2024

Photo courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

‘Frisky little songbird’ needs protection from sea level rise, environmental group tells feds

By Charlie Paullin for Virginia Mercury

An environmental organization is asking the federal government to list the saltmarsh sparrow, a bird living on wetlands on the east coast, including Virginia, for protection under the Endangered Species Act due to expected losses from sea level rise and human development.

Read the full article at Virginia Mercury.

Photo by Matt Gentry for The Roanoke Times

Students sleuth with IRS agents at Radford University event

By Payton Williams for The Roanoke Times

A group of 45 accounting majors recently got to sample how it might feel to do their job wearing a bulletproof vest and a gun.

Read the full article at The Roanoke Times.

Photo by Jeff Taylor for The Winchester Star 

Three’s the charm: Apple Blossom Queen joins mother and grandmother in a generation-spanning experience

By Molly Williams for The Northern Virginia Daily

Queen Shenandoah XCVII Joy Berlanga remembers the ornament that her mother, Tyne Berlanga, was always so adamant about hanging on the family Christmas tree.

“It was an Apple Blossom ornament,” she said. “And so I’ve always been asking about it. And I remember being 11 years old and being like, ‘I wonder if they’re ever going to ask me?’”

To be queen, that is. You see, while Joy is former President Gerald Ford’s great-granddaughter, her bloodline also includes some bloomin’ royalty.

Read the full article at The Northern Virginia Daily.

Photo courtesy of the Special Collections Research Center at William & Mary

William & Mary presentation to bring baseball history to life

By Wilford Kale for Virginia Gazette

Who were Leroy “Satchel” Paige, Smokey Joe Williams, John Henry “Pop” Lloyd, Jack Roosevelt Robinson, Monte Irvin and Josh Gibson?

William & Mary alumnus Derrick C. Jones can quickly give you a three- to four-minute spiel on each because they are instrumental in his love and hobby for the past 37 years.

That interest is the Negro Baseball League, which operated primarily between 1920 and 1947 and was an important element “for African Americans that was a way to being equal to Major League baseball” amid the Jim Crow era, he said.

Read the full article at Virginia Gazette.

Photo by Margo Wagner for Richmond Times-Dispatch

Lego Group partners with Chesterfield to plant 1,440 trees across county

by Thad Green for Richmond Times-Dispatch

Lego Group is bringing more than its trademark toy bricks to Chesterfield.

It’s also contributing to the planting of 1,440 trees across the county.

The Denmark-based toy production company is investing more than $700,000 in the parkland reforestation project that will add trees to 11 locations across eight park sites in Chesterfield.

Read the full article at Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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