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February 16, 2024

Photo by Billy Schuerman for The Virginian-Pilot

‘I am Newport News’: Super Bowl champion Antoine Bethea gives back to the city he calls home

By Michael Sauls for The Virginian-Pilot

Antoine Bethea might not have been born in Newport News, but it’s certainly his home. The Super Bowl champion was born in Savannah, Georgia, but as a child in a military family, he spent time moving around the world before ultimately planting his roots in Newport News.

Read the full article at The Virginian-Pilot.

Photo by Harleigh Cupp for The Daily News-Record

Road Less Traveled: Retired Farmer To Teach One Last Lifelong Learning Class

By Harleigh Cupp for The Daily News-Record

Shenandoah Valley native, retired farmer and lifelong learner Tyre Yancey eased into a sitting room chair at his home earlier this week surrounded by materials he’s collected to present to this year’s lifelong learning class.

As Yancey, now nearing 88, looks over his vast array of barn models and newspaper clippings, he admits that 2024 may be the last time he teaches the “down rural roads” course during James Madison University’s lifelong learning institute. It’s a five-section class he’s been teaching for close to 10 years — first at the University of Virginia, then at JMU.

Read the full article at The Daily News-Record.

Photo by Charlotte Matherly for Cardinal News

Planned prison closure puts the squeeze on a small town in Augusta County

By Charlotte Matherly for Cardinal News

Craigsville is put on the map as home to one of the area’s largest employers: the Augusta Correctional Center, which currently employs 222 people and houses just under 461 inmates as of early January — a drastically lower number than its capacity of 1,300.

But the level 3 maximum-security prison is set to close this year, and Craigsville’s economic livelihood is at stake. The town will lose key water revenue from the prison, and local businesses like Morton’s could also take a financial blow with fewer people coming into town.

Read the full article at Cardinal News.

Photos by Jay Paul for Richmond magazine

‘Landscapes of Memory’ – Neighbors preserve a local cemetery and the history it represents

By Laura Anders Lee for Richmond magazine

Past the field of joggers and dog walkers at Bandy Field Nature Park, over the fence and under the brush, lies a cemetery that’s remained hidden for 70 years. But thanks to the efforts of volunteers, neighbors and family members of the interred, the sacred ground is getting the respect it deserves.

Read the full article at Richmond magazine.

Former Mayor Euille was focus of FBI probe

By Alexander Fernandez and Denise Dunbar for Alexandria Times

Seven years ago last month, a volunteer came across a checkbook register that was wedged inside the framework of a file cabinet in then-Mayor Allison Silberberg’s City Hall office. While Silberberg was out of town that winter weekend, the volunteer brought boxes of newspaper clippings to her office and put them away in the cabinet.

Read the full article at Alexandria Times.

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