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February 10, 2023

Photo: Conservation Fisheries Inc

Miles of the Holston’s North and Middle forks to be reviewed as critical habitat for sickle darter

By Stephanie Porter-Nichols / Smyth County News & Messenger

The fish is only about the size of an adult human finger — 2½ to 3½ inches on average, but its worth to people is significantly larger. The sickle darter is akin to a canary sent into a mine to test air safety – and for some time the species has been in trouble. Recently, the darter has been added to the endangered species list and now federal officials propose to declare some stretches of river where it still lives as critical habitat.

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Black History: Journalist, activist ushered in change

By Terry Howard for The News Virginian

Being Black History Month, now seems as good as any to highlight two people who left their mark on Augusta County and Waynesboro.

Most likely, you have never heard of Samuel Diggs or Dr. St. Clair Drake, yet the Black community stands on their shoulders.

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Courtesy of Virginia Tech

Rappahannock vineyards brace for an inevitable swarm of the invasive spotted lanternfly

By Ike Parrish for Foothills Forum/Rappahannock News

Local grape-growers are on tenterhooks, in the face of expert warnings that a sap-sucking agricultural vandal – the invasive spotted lanternfly – most likely will descend on their vineyards in the coming spring.

An adept hitchhiker, the pest already has Rappahannock surrounded. First detected in Virginia five years ago, in nearby Frederick County, it has spread through more than 20 counties in the state. It feeds on tree sap and grape vines are a favored food source.

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Faces of Journalism – Steve Stewart of Boone Newsmedia Inc.

Had he not gotten into publishing, Steve Stewart likely would still be a sportswriter.

Forty years ago, Stewart was a 15-year-old who stumbled into covering local sports for a community newspaper in Mississippi. During a 15-year run working for newspapers in Mississippi, Stewart ascended to managing editor at a newspaper owned by Emmerich Newspapers. At the age of 26, he was asked to go to another newspaper to become publisher.

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Photo: Jacob Hindman/Special to The Gazette

Meet The Clinton Cruiser: A rat rod decorated to honor lessons in life

By Jacob Hindman Special to The Gazette

Five years ago, Clinton W. Crews started what would be his life’s work.

Armed with decades of life experience and enough stories to fill a library, Crews channeled his artistry into a rat rod — a custom vehicle that has an unfinished appearance — he built to commemorate the most important lessons and people of his life.

Read the full article at The Gazette.

Photo: Olivia Anderson for Alexandria TImes

From mentorship to friendship

By Olivia Anderson for Alexandria Times

Sandy Connolly and Ngoc Nguyen have built an unbreakable bond throughout the years, and it began in the most unorthodox of places: the nail salon at Goodwin House Alexandria. Nguyen was Connolly’s nail technician at the beauty salon in the senior living community, and Connolly a resident at the facility. The two would strike up a conversation every time Connolly went in to receive a fresh coat of polish.

Read the full article at Alexandria Times.

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