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Welcome to Virginia News Reader (VNR).  Sponsored by the Virginia Press Association, whose member newspapers and online news outlets cover every part of the commonwealth, this regular news digest showcases the best reporting throughout Virginia. 

Included in VNR are local stories from all corners of the state, stories that dig deep into issues affecting local communities.  Stories that shed light on interesting people and events.  Stories that provide important localized context on issues impacting your life. 

VNR also features insights into the people behind the stories, the reporters and editors whose work puts an important spotlight on local news and helps keep communities informed.  

We hope you’ll enjoy and find value in what we call “the commonwealth of news.” 

What is the Virginia News Reader?

Virginia News Reader is an online digest that gathers the best of local news from throughout the commonwealth of Virginia. VNR features links to important news stories from local newspapers and online outlets from every corner of the state.  One week you might find a report on a new economic development project in the Danville Register & Bee. The next a story in the Eastern Shore Post on some local residents’ environmental concerns. Or the Rappahannock News’ colorful feature on the surprise return of mountain lions to the area.  

Sponsored by the Virginia Press Association, whose members are dedicated to helping connect and inform communities, VNR also includes original articles, interviews and research that provides valuable context to community news and the people who bring it to you.  We’ll feature Q’s and A’s with an editor, profile an investigative reporter and give you some of our own insights on trends in local news. There are so many stories to tell and people to meet. 

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