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Friday, July 1, 2022

Photo: Ash Daniel/Chesterfield Observer

Brick by brick: Lego locks in $1B project, 1,760 jobs at Meadowville

Sarah King for Chesterfield Observer 

Two engineers took to the stage inside the Science Museum of Virginia last week to unveil a $1 billion economic development deal for the state with international implications last week.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Denmark’s Lego Group CEO Niels Christiansen announced the company’s plans to locate its first U.S. toy manufacturing factory – a 1.7 million square foot facility occupying 340 acres in Chesterfield’s Meadowville Technology Park – last Wednesday before an audience comprising county and state officials, economic development leaders, company executives and Denmark’s U.S. ambassador.

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What happens to abortion rights in Virginia, post-Roe?

Laura Vozzella and Jenna Portnoy for The Washington Post

In Virginia, state law allowing abortion will remain in effect for now. But in a purple state whose abortion politics have zigged and zagged for a decade, the longer-term fallout is uncertain. The political margins that could decide abortion rights for Virginians are slim. Having made large gains in November, Republicans now control the state’s House of Delegates, while Democrats hold the Senate.

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Photo: Virginia Mercury

A full journalism life isn’t just a destination; it’s celebrating those you meet on…

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